Dakota TK Labradors is located in southeastern South Dakota.  We are located right outside a small farming community on an acreage where there is plenty of room for children and dogs to run and play.

Troy & Macie at Lake Henry

Labrador Retrievers have been part of our lives since 1995 – it has been easy for them to fit in!  We have primarily focused on raising yellow and chocolate labs but have, within the past 5 years, begun to admire the qualities of a beautiful black lab.
Our puppies are very well socialized – they spend time with our teens, their friends, visitors and we work with them daily.  They receive a lot of attention, brushing, and the occasional treat or bone.  Although we do not show our Labs in AKC competitions Troy and our girls love to take them hunting.  Most of our adults actively hunt upland birds but they all get the treat of retrieving off the dock at our local lake and many of our puppies are proven hunters in both upland and waterfowl.
It is always our goal to raise happy, healthy lab puppies that meet the AKC Breed Standard.  We also strive to breed puppies that are very well socialized and have the great temperaments Labs are known for.  Our puppies have gone to homes all over the United States with people of all ages and have gotten along tremendously!

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