We do currently have 3 male puppies available to good homes.  There are 2 females and 8 males in this litter born on 3/30/18.  This litter has a great pedigree and will be great for hunters and families alike.

If you have questions or would like to submit a deposit for a puppy from this or a future litter go to our Contact Us page and we would be happy to help you.  Choice is determined by the order deposits are received.

Pictures of the puppies available are updated weekly on Sunday evenings unless we are not able to do so.  If pictures are not updated they will be as soon as humanly possible.

*Click the pictures below to enlarge them into a new window

Annie and Hank had a litter of 10 yellow lab puppies on 3/30/18. There are 3 males available in this litter.  The females are both spoken for.  They have a great pedigree including FC Candlewood’s Meet Joe Black & 2X NAFC (in the USA) 2X FAFC (in Canada) FC AFC Ebonstar Lean Mac among other FC.  Annie & Hank have had their hips tested and are EIC clear.

This week the puppies have gotten a little rebellious.  As soon as their eyes opened there were a couple of them on the outside of their area every day 🙂  They are all doing well.  They are supplementing what they get from their mother with puppy food and are getting bigger every day.



The puppies are listed darkest to lightest and each will continue to have the same number from week to week.

1:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
2:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
3:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
4:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
5:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
6:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
7:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
8:  Yellow Male  Yellow Lab Puppy
9:  Yellow Female – sold  Yellow Lab Puppy
10:  Yellow Female – sold Yellow Lab Puppy


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