Personal Delivery may be available. There may be an added charge for locations more than 30 miles from our home. Please contact us for a rate. Do not hesitate to ask – we may consider travel if multiple puppies are purchased in the same area.

We will ship puppies within the continental U.S. (including Alaska).  We do have puppies in almost every state.  The purchaser will be responsible for all costs incurred.  We use Northwest or Delta Airlines out of Sioux Falls, SD which has been running about $265 (+) the cost of a travel kennel ($30).  Price will be determined at the time the flight is booked as we charge only for the actual cost of shipping.  The puppy is fed before it’s trip and extra food & water is placed in the kennel.  We place plenty of shredded paper or fine wood chips inside but we do suggest you bring along a damp towel or baby wipes when you pick your puppy up at the airport as it may be a little messy.

Please contact us if you have questions.

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